Before You File Your Application or Appeal, Talk to a Michigan Disability Lawyer!

If you have a chronic condition, or if a serious injury that has left you unable to work, you know how difficult it can be to maintain your lifestyle and make ends meet. To help, you may need disability income in Michigan.

There are three types of disability income that may be available to you. Understanding these can help you determine what is available to you and how you can best access the benefits you need to live comfortably.

  • Social Security Income (SSI). This type of income is available to anyone with a qualifying disability. Because you never pay into the SSI system, there is a limit to how much you may receive in benefits.Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). This income is available to workers who have been in the workforce and paid into the Social Security system for a long enough period of time. Because it is a system that you paid into as a working taxpayer, you may be eligible to receive more benefits.Long-Term Disability Insurance (ERISA). Many employers purchase private policies to cover their employees if there is a disability that prevents them from working. They are intended to cover anyone that becomes suddenly disabled and will not be able to work for a minimum of six months. These policies are very beneficial, but can also be highly confusing.

Overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Disability benefits are confusing and difficult for many people to understand. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people in need of these valuable benefits get the legal guidance and help they need to increase their chances of approval.

Let a Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You With the Next Steps

The earlier you reach out to a Social Security disability lawyer in Michigan, the better.

Ideally, you will want to contact a lawyer prior to your filing your application. This way, you can have a higher chance of receiving the benefits you need early on. Most first-time applications are rejected, but the appeals process can reverse a negative decision. Before you file an appeal, it is critical that you speak with a lawyer to help you put together the best appeal possible for your situation.

Long term disability/ ERISA Recipients: Contact a Michigan DIsability Lawyer Before Your Benefits Run Out!

If you receive Long Term Disability/ERISA benefits in Michigan, you may feel confident that you will have access to this supplemental income until you are healed and able to return to work. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

ERISA claims are very complex and leave many people without benefits after a limited amount of time. When you receive a questionnaire from the insurance company about your disability, it is critical that you contact a lawyer to help. Not doing so could suddenly cost you your benefits.

The questionnaire you fill out is intended to find ways to terminate your benefits. When you work with a disability lawyer in Michigan to fill out your questionnaire, you increase your chances at avoiding termination of your benefits.

If your benefits are terminated, you will need to file an appeal. Judges are very favorable to insurance providers in the appeals process. When you file an appeal for a sudden denial of your disability benefits, the only thing the judge will see is your appeal form. This means that it must be filled out in a way that will avoid giving the judge any reason to deny you your benefits.

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