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How to Overcome a Michigan Social Security Disability Denial

Five Reasons You Should Appeal a Michigan Social Security Denial

You filled out your application to the best of your ability, included as much information as possible, and still you received a denial. Michigan Social Security disability denials happen all too often. People in need of income to live are denied valuable benefits because of a minor error in their application. People who paid into the Social Security system are denied money when they need it.

  1. If you were denied, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are still options to help you receive the money you deserve. Here are five reasons you should not hesitate to file an appeal.
  2. Many appeals are approved. Appeals work! Our experience is that our clients’ benefits are frequently approved after reconsideration. If you receive another denial of Michigan Social Security, you can take your case before a judge and appeal again. When you work with a Social Security lawyer to help with your appeal, you are more likely to be approved.
  3. The Social Security Administration may not have understood the full extent of your disability. You live with your disability day in and day out, but the SSA does not fully know how your disability impacts your daily life unless it is made very clear in the application. In an appeal, you get another opportunity to show how limited you are by your disability.
  4. You can get help on your appeal. Feeling overwhelmed looking at the paperwork you need to file to appeal? There’s help available. Fortunately, you can seek guidance from a skilled Social Security disability lawyer to fill out your paperwork fully and accurately to increase your opportunity of approval.
  5. Appealing is free. You don’t have to pay to appeal your Social Security disability denial in Michigan. Even when you work with a lawyer, you only pay if your application is approved.

You deserve money for the system you paid into. If you paid into the Social Security system for long enough, you deserve to receive compensation when you need it. You are not asking for something for free, you are requesting money that you paid in throughout your years in the workforce.

Filing an appeal can be overwhelming. Working with a Michigan Social Security disability lawyer can help you navigate the paperwork and answer all of the questions in a way that will maximize your chances of approval. Call us today at 866-424-5063 to learn how we can help you with your appeal.

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The Application Process: How to Document Your Disability in Michigan

When you apply for Social Security in Michigan, you will need to submit paperwork that outlines what your disability is, what you have done to try to treat it, and how it impacts your daily life. Documenting a disability in Michigan requires you to submit the right paperwork, test results, statements, and more.

Here is a checklist of some of the top things you will want to do when you submit your Michigan Social Security disability application:

  • Complete all of the required forms. This may seem obvious, but it is important that you fill out all of the required forms. Make sure each field requested is described in detail to eliminate confusion.
  • Provide medical records. Medical records, including doctor statements, test results, and diagnoses show the person reviewing your application that you have a disability and show the extent of your disability.
  • Keep a journal. Recording all of your symptoms on a daily basis can be very helpful to the person reviewing your application. This allows him to see the regular impact your disability has on your job and quality of life.
  • Statements from third parties. Third-party statements can be very powerful in your application. With statements from coworkers or friends, you can add testimony to your disability showing how it impacts your work environment and daily living.

There is a lot that goes into documenting a disability in Michigan. To be sure you provide all of the documentation needed to ensure you maximize your opportunity for approval, talk to a Michigan disability attorney first. With our help, you can be confident in the application you submit. Call us today at 866-424-5063 to learn more about how we can help you.

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