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Top Situations to Avoid to Prevent a Dog Attack in Southeast Michigan

Many people in Michigan own dogs as pets. They love them like they’re family. Because of this, some pet owners can easily lose sight of their dog’s aggression, and try to brush it off as the animal being playful. This puts you, your family, and others in the neighborhood at risk of a dog attack in Southeast Michigan.

Often, children are the ones who are hurt in a dog attack. That is because small children see animals as playful, and have a hard time distinguishing a dangerous situation until it is too late.

To help prevent you or your children from being seriously hurt in a dog attack in the future, there are a few tips to be aware of.

  • Never approach an irritable or jealous dog
  • Never approach a dog that may feel threatened
  • Never threaten a dog, its family, or its territory
  • Never cross the line to invade a dog’s territory
  • Never approach a dog that appears anxious or overly excited

In Michigan, it is the owner’s responsibility to control his dog. This is especially true if the dog has a prior history of being aggressive toward other animals or people. If the owner does not maintain proper control over his animal, and the dog bites you or your child, you may be entitled to compensation from the homeowners’ insurance policy.

After a serious southeast Michigan dog attack, it is critical that you put a Port Huron dog attack lawyer on your side to fight for your fair recovery. With help from an experienced attorney at Winston & Damman, you can get the help you need every step of the way to help maximize how much you and your family receive in damages. Call us today at 810-966-9467 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how having a lawyer on your side can help your family, and help protect your neighborhood from future attacks.