Dan's Testimonials

"Dan defended my son in a very difficult case. We were very pleased with the outcome. Not only does he know law he is a very kind and compassionant man. He was completely honest and upfront about everything throughout the case and truly gave the best possible defense to make sure my son had the most favorable outcome. So grateful for all his efforts and dedication to the case. Thanks Dan!"  Laurie

"Daniel Damman was professional, efficient, and persistent in my case from beginning to end. I was moving to Texas within a month of my conviction, so I needed my case settled before I moved. I had one of the most (if not the most) strictest judge in the county for a DWI case (first offense). The retainer was reasonable and he immediately got on expediting my court dates as I had requested. He was able to get my charge lowered to "Operating While Impaired" which kept my driving privileges intact. I was able to drive to my new home in TX without worrying about getting in trouble for driving on a suspended license. He gave me an idea of what I could do to show my judge I was being proactive. In the courtroom, he went to bat for me and aggressively defended my character and pushed for the judge to allow me to leave the state, which she allowed. At times it was hard to get ahold of him to inquire about my case, but he always came through, even when I asked him to postpone my sentencing for two weeks to give me for time to save extra money in TX for fines, plane tickets, etc. He flawlessly presented my documents that I gathered for him, and despite my nervous rambling to the judge, we came out on top with minimal fines and 6 months unsupervised probation. Do not be mistaken, you as a client HAVE TO DO YOUR PART. I completed community service hours, signed up and paid for a DWI education course in TX, paid for/completed a psychological assessment and attended AA meetings in MI BEFORE I was even sentenced. Damman was an amazing lawyer and I was so pleased that I chose him to represent me. If you are looking for good results especially if you're a person ready to work proactively toward your desired outcome, Damman is your guy."  A Client

"I was accused of stalking my ex and later learned that she simply did not want contact with me. She chose to go to the police who charged me with stalking when in reality I was trying to get closure. There were no threats or angry exchanges just a request to talk. Since the charges would not be dropped, by the prosecutor, I was forced to hire an attorney. Dan was recommended and he did a wonderful job of interceding for me with the prosecutor and judge. The charge was reduced to attempted disorderly conduct and no contact. I was facing a year and it was eating me up inside. Dan did a great job explaining the situation and I am thankful for his help. I am now with my children and getting my life back in order."   A client

"Dan helped us get the best outcome we could have hoped for. Straightforward and helpful."  Jen

"I heard of Mr. Damman from my niece but reading the reviews is what made me contact him. I am so happy I did.
Dan took care of a legal problem I was having in a professional manner. He was prepared to go to court if we needed to, but he was able to get everything taken care of and no charges were brought. I Highly recommend him."  A Client

"Dan represented me in a case that I was very nervous about. I was happy about the outcome. It was best that could have been expected. Very professional and easy to talk to."  A Client

"I can not thank Dan enough for all that he did for my son, he went above and beyond to help him and the outcome was better than I ever imagined it would be!! Thank you on behalf of my son and our family for being so thoughtful and genuinely concerned for his well being. I will be forever grateful to him."  Gina

"Mr. Damman is a stellar attorney in every aspect. He seemed to work tirelessly to achieve the best out of my case. My expectations were pleasantly exceeded all the way through to the conclusion. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as the person to take your business to!"  Nicolas

"Mr. Damman recently defended me in a OWI 2nd offense high BAC case. Mr. Damman was very though and honest about my case and possible outcome, realistic goals. then end result was a plea deal and sentencing beyond what I had hoped was possible with my history. Not only did I receive minimual jail time and fines but he was able to convince the Judge to allow me to be put on work release. I am extremely happy with my representation by Mr. Damman, as the result he got and the genuine concern that I get the nessacary follow up after I complete my sentence."  Bob

"Mr Damman handled my entire case very professionally. From the beginning he was very honest about the situation, he informed me that it would be a tough case and an uphill battle. I was very confident in Mr Damman and his abilities.

Throughout the process he notified me of any changes and his concerns about certain aspects of the case. His knowledge of the legal system/process was second to none. I believe that he went above and beyond the duties of any attorney. He tried relentlessly to get a plea deal but the prosecution would not cooperate.

My case ended up going to a jury trial, Mr Damman was very prepared and did an outstanding job. During the trial he asked me if I had any suggestions and if I would like him to add any comments. He stood behind me the entire time. Mr Damman absolutely was a much better attorney than the prosecutor. He won the case and ultimately had two felony charges dropped to one misdemeanor charge. Mr Damman was well worth the money and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation."  Corey

"I had a lawyer who was horrible to get ahold of. I retained Dan he always called back kept me informed and did a great job. Got my case dismissed, did not even have to show up. I would recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges."  Tom

"I hired Dan when I was accused of Retail Fraud III. This was the first time I'd ever been in trouble with the law. I understood this isn't the crime of the century but it was very serious to me and Dan took my case very seriously. Dan did a great job, explained my options very well, and kept me well informed during the entire process, He explored every avenue and ended up getting my charge deferred (expunged) upon completion of 6 months probation. I am so happy I'll be able to keep my record clean in the end. Dan always returned my phone calls within 24 hours which was appreciated (even on weekends). He even called me on his own to see how things were going That shows you right there how much he cares about his clients. I highly recommend him for any of your attorney needs. He's a very humble, down to earth, and extremely intelligent person. The only issue I had was communication with the office was hit and miss. The office was empty and door locked when I got there every time. I had to wait for somebody to show up. I left one time after waiting 10-15 minutes. If they had a sign saying when they would return, it would be helpful. Also the phone wasn't answered when I called the office. I did get a return call promptly though so that wasn't a big deal. Just a little annoying."  Brad

"I feel so blessed to have found Dan to represent me. He is very honest, upfront, easy to talk to, non judgemental and to the point with what he can do and the possibilities of the outcome. Thank you for representing me and giving me the opportunity to have a second chance. xo Nikki"  Nichole

"I had Daniel Damman for an OWI trial and everything went smoothly. He explained my options, for fighting the charges, and for trying to get my case pleaded down. I choose to attempt to get my case pleaded down and I got charged with driving while impaired. In the end I was very happy with my representation.
Mr.damman did and out standing job on my case it was a mdop 1000 no less then 20,000
He represented me very well he always returned my calls in a timely fashion he was straight forward with me never made a promise he couldn't keep and did a great job on my trial."   Jeremy

"Dan was recommended by a friend and I'm glad that I listened. I hired him to represent me in a case where I was accused of striking an officer. Dan helped me get a sentence that included rehabilitation, not jail time. I found him very easy to talk to and very knowledgable."  Joe

"Dan Damman was recommended to me by both civilian and law enforcement professionals in the Port Huron area. He listens, provides his point of view and insights into the various personalities one is faced with in the judicial process. Not being from this area I was more than satisfied with the counsel provided me throughout my proceedings. Dan empathized with my peculiar situation and did his best in providing me an outcome that addressed my concerns. Great choice!"  Karl

"I highly recommend Dan, he took my divorce case on after my first lawyer left me clueless and losing my kids. Dan didn't make empty promises, he worked hard to get me out of the hole and was great in communicating with me. I'm extremely happy with the advice he gave me and am glad I had such a trustworthy, friendly lawyer on my side. The best thing I did for my life and my children's was hiring him."  Michelle

"My grandson who had no prior record was charged with a minor drug charge. His original lawyer failed to correct several major mistakes in the presentence report resulting in the Court's denial of HOLMES YOUTHFUL TRAINEE STATUS (HYTA). We hired Mr Damman who corrected everything resulting in HYTA being properly granted. Dan was knowledgeable, diligent and a gentleman. If you want the BEST Lawyer at a very fair price, hire DAN DAMMAN."  Carole

"This was my first experience with a lawyer and Dan Damman made it a positive experience. After explaining my case and my expectations with regard to a defense, Dan was motivated in my defense. A motion was submitted that resulted in the dismissal of my case."  A Client

"I went through a painful seperation and divorce. Dan represented me and was very compassionate and caring. He listened to me and respected my wishes to not make it an ugly, long, drawn out divorce. He ensured that my children and I were well take care of. He was respectful in the court room and said just the right things to make it clear that I was not at fault for the divorce. I would never have dreamed of going with another lawyer to help me through one of the most painful times in my life."  A Divorce Client

"Daniel Damman is professional, honest and always keeps the client's priorities first. Very highly recommended!"  Debbie

"Dan was very helpful throughout my divorce, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. He absolutely knows his stuff!"  Jennifer