Nicole's Testimonials

"Nicole Winston was my lawyer for personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident. She helped me to understand my benefits & to demand them. I appreciated her knowledge and her ability to courageously fight for my rights. I would highly recommend her as a personal injury or disability lawyer!" Catherine, Fort Gratiot

"I was involved in a head on collision that forever changed my life. Hiring Nicole helped to make a horrible situation better. I felt that she always had by best interest at heart. The process was a long one, but she kept me up to date along the way. She always made me feel that I could contact her any time - both during and after the case. During the facilitation process, she fought hard to get me everything she possibly could. She is a professional through and through. Even the other lawyers and judge told me what a good job Nicole did fighting for me. Her team was fantastic, as well. They were very helpful when I would call. Nicole is the first person I would call if I ever needed legal services again."  Suzanne, Port Huron

"You want someone you can trust, someone who cares about her community and will care about you and your case; You can trust Nicole! Myself, my Husband and several family members have trusted in Nicole because she delivers results. Her and her staff take care of their clients and you want her and her team in your corner. I’m thankful to Nicole for putting me first when I was in need of her representation. I’m grateful to her and her team for being in my corner! I tell everyone that needs a lawyer to call mine!  Thanks Nicole for your years of service!"  Sandra M, Port Huron

"Over a year ago, my husband was in an auto accident. He was t-boned in the drivers side. This lead to some injuries that he is still recovering from. During the course of that time we had done everything the insurance company wanted him to do to try to get better and back to the man he was before this accident. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Feeling like there was no hope for us we decided to seek professional council. My husband had seen a sign with Winston McGlynn PLLC and we called them. We set up a meeting and for the first time in 15 months we felt some hope. At that meeting we knew we were making the right choice to retain them as our council. At first the insurance companies make you feel like they are on your side only to find out down the line that they are not. A little over a year the insurance decided to cut off all of our benefits and my husband is still not able to work. But having Nicole on our side has given us courage to battle through this. She is working very hard on our behalf. They have given us knowledge on so many levels that the average person would not know. Although our case is in the beginning stages I feel very confident that we have made the right choice with Winston McGlynn PLLC. I feel that they will fight for us. They will stand up for what is right. And more importantly help us to get through a process that we would have given up on because we did not have the valuable information that they gave us. It is such a pleasure to have them on our side." Respectfully, Wayne and Pam K

"Excellent legal service! No other lawyer in Michigan would take on my wife's case. Winston McGlynn not only took on the case at the eleventh hour, but won a favorable decision on my behalf. Thank you Winston McGlynn."  John P.

"Nicole Winston was invaluable in helping me through a very difficult time in my life and winning my case! Four days after my husband returned home injured while serving in the Iraq war, I was in a severe motor vehicle accident. I suffered severe neck and nerve damage. These injuries left me unable to work, suffering from chronic pain, numbness of my left arm and hand, severe migraines. I tried for months to work with our Military Employee auto insurance, but they either gave me the run around or refusal to pay for my medical costs, copays and wage loss. I was mortified; I always thought having insurance was for these moments in life that you don’t expect. I was a caregiver to my husband but now I was in need of care, I couldn’t do this alone.  I was so grateful when I met and hired Nicole; she was calm and compassionate. Nicole answered my questions, no matter how trivial and walked me through the process patiently. Nicole and her staff worked diligently on my case and were always available, friendly and responsive to my needs. When the doctors put me on cash basis and I started getting collection notices from my surgery, Nicole phoned everyone personally and explained the situation; the Doctors agreed to continue treatment without payment and all collections were discontinued. Nicole had never seen a case like this; the auto insurance continued to drag their heels and refuse to do anything, Nicole stayed persistent and relentless in fighting for what I deserved. Without Nicole and her staff I would still be in insurance limbo, but instead she won on all aspects of my lawsuit.  Nicole and her staff are not only committed to your needs they make sure that your needs are met. I can now relax knowing that if I ever need anything Nicole has my back. Nicole is not just my attorney; she is now a friend. I can’t say or thank Nicole and her staff enough for all their hard work and sweet justice!"  Kathy D., Capac, Michigan

"When needing an attorney to handle the appeal of my Social Security Disability, I had not thought about enlisting her service though I had talked with her previous about an insurance claim that I had going. After meeting with her and bringing in all my medical records to date I knew I had found the right attorney for me. She was knowledgeable about my particular disability and in what direction we needed to go. I worked with her on my case as I wanted to know as much about it as she did, and not once did she have a negative thing to say with the questions I would ask. It took us a year to have my appeal heard and together we were ready. She had briefed me in what to expect and how I should act and answer questions for the Law Judge. Having her by my side made me feel more comfortable about talking about my disability with people I didn't know, and who make it their job to look at everything. She has a great staff that work your case just as hard as she does, and they treat their clients like they truly matter. I am not a true fan of most attorneys as they treat you as nothing more than another file. Nicole and her staff are so much more than that and will treat you the way you want from the first phone call until the conclusion of your case. And to conclude this summary, we won my disability case and I am now receiving everything I put into it."  David, November 2014

"Nicole's expertise with insurance laws is what won my case. Being a cancer patient, the last thing you want to worry about is your insurance coverage or a lack of thereof. Nicole rolled up her sleeves and dug right in which I must say was a lenghtly process but she stuck with it and stuck by my side. If ever anyone has a problem with their health insurance paying for claims..I would say you need Nicole !!!"  Gina, May 2012